Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stuck in straight line

I'm happy to report that I'm making decent progress on my Christmas gifts. I fluctuate between thinking that getting everything done will be no problem, to thinking that it might go down to the wire.

All I've done the last couple days, sewing-wise, has been straight line machine quilting. Line after line after line after get the picture! I can't wait until that part is done, because then the projects get more interesting--assembly!

This project, my niece's duffle bag, is the furthest along:
The pink fabric is all quilted with diagonal lines, and the handles have two layers of batting quilted for comfort. I need to add the main zipper, create the end pockets, and assemble! And then make the second duffle. The pattern is the Quilted Travel Duffle from Studio Cherie, and has been pretty easy to follow so far. While this photo looks huge, the finished duffle will be 20" x 12" x 12".

On to the stockings!

One quilted:

And one to go:

I used to use a ruler and chalk to mark lines for crosshatching, but I tried a new find for these--the Quilter's Chalk Line by Sue Pelland Designs. Sure, it requires a second set of hands, but it's much easier and faster than drawing each line by hand!

Once these two are both quilted, assembly will go quickly, and I dropped off the cuff fabric for embroidering this morning.

As far as the great stocking race, my husband said the mantel is still being cut, but is promising that he will still beat me!

I'm not sure how much more I'll get done on these today/tonight, as my husband needs a costume for a party Friday, and guess what? we're starting to make it tonight! :)
But I am happy to report some progress! Since these are truly works in progress, I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.
How are your projects going? I've been enjoying reading the comments to the yellow giveaway about how down to the wire some of your projects have gone. Believe me, I'm right there with you!


  1. Wow, I love the duffle bag. It's going to be awesome! Good luck getting your things done!

  2. I love making bags, and have been using a duffle bag I made for my honeymoon for nearly 23 years now. Your niece will love this! Good luck with the projects--I have a few going down to the wire, too.

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced today and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E.

  3. I go back and forth between feeling pretty smug about how much I have gotten done and pure panic about how much there is to do....

  4. I been doing reg quite and they are going very will I do different size I have made pruse before. Iam going to try to make this one are Almont.