Friday, December 14, 2012

Log Cabin Love

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of log cabin blocks. My first post about a quilt I made was a wonky log cabin. I stitched another log cabin quilt (not wonky this time!) all out of polka dot fabric. I used variations for hotpads and a beach bag. You get the picture...

So when Fons & Porter contacted me and asked me to check out their new eBook, Build Your Best Log Cabin, I was happy to say yes.* Mmm...more log cabin ideas for inspiration!

This 24-page eBook includes photos of eight different quilts, both antique and current, serving up examples in various block styles. I really enjoyed seeing examples of so many different ways to approach this block. My favorite quilt was designed by Ricky Tims, featuring his hand-dyed fabrics, though the antique Courthouse Steps quilt was a close second.
Ricky Tims' quilt; photo from Build Your Best Log Cabin
The quilts are divided up into three categories: Traditional, Courthouse Steps, and Chevron. Handy charts for multiple block sizes and a variety of layout options provide the tools to make each design your own, which I love, since I usually can't help but add my own twist when I'm following a pattern. And the patterns themselves are well written; as someone with pattern writing on my resume, I can be a bit picky about that. Sprinkled throughout are the helpful tips for which Fons & Porter magazines are known, as well as useful lessons (with step by step photos) on bobbin trapunto, adding piping, and creating lumpless binding.

Blog readers typically drawn to quilts made from more contemporary prints in light, airy settings may find the photos a bit dark. I do think that is offset by the number of quilts made from solids, which demonstrate an understanding of what appeals to many of today's quilters (particularly those in the blog world). If you love log cabins and the infinite possibilities this classic block offers, you'll find this eBook to be a useful reference tool, no question. It's worth adding to your e-library. (Do you have one of those yet? I's a folder on my desktop called "quilt pdfs." Original, isn't it?)

And the good news is that this eBook is free, so you can check it out yourself! Click here to access a copy of it, and then save it to your computer for your next log cabin project. Note: The link asks you to enter your email address to download the eBook. This also signs you up for the Fons & Porter email newsletter.

*Disclaimer: I am not receiving anything from Fons & Porter to review their eBook. The opinions stated above are my own.