Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Why Do I Sew? Top 10 List

  Today's prompt in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge is a question - why do I sew? 

Like many other quilters, I can tell you it's not so I can hem someone's pants or curtains. 😄 I don't even hem my own pants or curtains (you have to make both legs the same length--scary!). 

I couldn't narrow it down to one simple answer, so I came up with a top ten list. I'm interspersing it with quilt photos for a little eye candy. 

I sew for:
1. The feeling of satisfaction when I finish a project and can say that "I made that."

2. The art of it.

3. That fabulous high of being creative.

4. The thrill of creating something that makes me (and hopefully others) go "wow!"

5. The joy of giving something homemade as a gift.

6. The challenge of trying a new technique.

7. Relaxation.

8. The pleasure of adding something beautiful to the world.

9. The fulfillment of sharing these skills with someone else--either my kids or teaching a class.

10. Fun!

Why do you sew? 

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