Friday, December 4, 2020

It's the Little Things (and the lights!)

Welcome to Day 4 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge! 

Today's prompt is favorite tools. I'm pretty simple--I don't have a bunch of super fancy tools, but below are some of my basic favorites.  

1. Cord locks - My new favorite accessory for mask making
2. Needle threader - I constantly rip out the wires on those little silver needle threaders. I bought these online--still need to watch the video to figure out how to use them. Hopefully once I do, they'll deserve a spot on this list! 
3. Seam pressing bar - I bought this at QuiltCon a few years ago. It makes all the difference for pressing seams open!
4. Scissors - This little guy came with my needle threaders. I like it!
5. Rotary cutter (and mat) - I appreciate having bright, cheerful colors for my most-used tools.
6. Mini Seam Ripper - The little rubber knob on the end makes this the best $1 (or $2?) I ever spent.
7. Binding clips - Little workhorses who bring order to the last step of the quilting process!

Here are a couple newer additions to my toolbox that I suddenly can't quilt without!

This overhead phone holder offers so much flexibility for videoing. I love the top-down workstation views it provides from up high.

And the lights. Oh, the lights! I bought them for doing videos and virtual presentations, but now I turn them on every time I saw. So beautifully bright and clean. :) 

A quick heads up: I've been playing around in my head with a holiday project idea this week, and today I made it happen and I like it! 
I'm still working out the details, but I plan to share a video tutorial for how to make these next week. Stay tuned for details, either here on the blog or in my newsletter (sign up in the right hand sidebar...I'm a 2x per month kind of girl, so I won't deluge your inbox, I promise!)

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