Thursday, December 3, 2020

Meet the Secret to My Success

The Day 3 prompt of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge is sewing machines. 
Where would you be without your sewing machine? I wouldn't be much of a sewer or quilter; I'm not a huge fan of hand stitching beyond the occasional embroidery work and finishing bindings. 

I bought a Janome 6600 back in 2006ish, and it's been my primary workhorse since then. It's more machine than I need, but I've gotten very comfortable with its many perks. 

The biggest drawback is that it's H-E-A-V-Y. When I went to workshops or sew-ins, I'd be lugging it in and cursing its weight. 

What prompted me to purchase a second machine? I neglected mine (don't skip those annual servicings!) and it needed a tune-up right while I was finishing up three quilts for Quilt Market, totally under the wire. Whoops. 

Shortly after that, I bought a second machine. I know a lot of people are machine collectors, but that's not me--I'd rather buy fabric! 😊 

After some research, I purchased the Janome Jem Gold Plus. Why? I knew I wanted a Janome because I liked what I had, I liked the idea of interchangeable feet, and it had my #1 requirement--an automatic needle threader. Plus, it's lightweight! So much easier to carry around.

In fact, I'm in charge of virtual school this week, and I moved this machine (and a cutting board and small ironing board) into the dining room. It's hard to get computer work done during virtual kindergarten, but I can definitely make some sewing progress instead!

This picture below illustrates the other reason I bought a second machine. I love sewing with my kids. I love that they're starting to be able to sew on their own. But I don't love sharing my machine. Plus, there are three of them. By having two machines, at least two of us can sew at the same time! 

What do you sew on? What's your favorite sewing machine feature?

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