Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Come Visit My Studio!

It's Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge and I'm still going strong! 😀 ( here for a link of everyone involved in this challenge.)

I'm happy I have these clean studio photos to share, because my sewing space has gotten a little (ok, a lot) messy again. Oops. 

I am lucky to have the bonus room over our garage as my office and sewing space. It's a huge room (20' x 30'), which is fantastic, but it has a few challenges (skylights instead of windows, short, hard-to-access wall space). 

After organizing and rearranging my space last April, I made some adjustments in September because I found myself doing more video demos and virtual lectures/classes (find details here).
I needed my sewing table to be closer to my design wall, and I invested in these large and wonderful lights (plus I signed up for Cheryl Sleboda's Video Basics class!). So this is the view in the middle of my studio these days. With piles out of camera view, of course! 

This was my mom's sewing table when i was growing up. It's a treadle machine table, but she had an electric machine in it (though my kids love the foot action!). I love having this in my space.

My biggest challenge in the studio was accessibility. Digging through plastic totes to find the fabric I wanted was not good. Right now my best scraps* are organized, rainbow-order, in these plastic drawers. They're not folded--that's not my jam. At all. I still need a few more drawers. 
 *Yes, I said best scraps. :) I have several (cough, cough...6 or 7?) more totes of scraps safely hidden in those short closets you see in the photo above. I still need to sort and donate the fabrics in them, but that'll be after stay at home ends. 

Moving on, this corner of my office doubles as a guest room. Under the Ebb & Flow quilt is a futon, currently laying flat for mid-day naps. Just kidding! I did add one of my favorite improv quilts to the wall for a little extra color!

Here's where I spend the majority of each day, at my desk doing computer quilting work. I was lucky enough to bring this desk home from Florida--my friend Sarah gave it to me. It's wonderfully deep and gives me plenty of work space besides my monitor and printer. 

To the left is my ironing board. I have one of those big boards, and I couldn't quilt without it. I've created a little mini gallery above it, and it's so much more pleasant to stand at the ironing board with all this eye candy. 

These bins used to be my scrap storage. My scraps have outgrown them, and frankly, I got used to using these handy little cubicles to hold projects in progress over the last eight months. This weekend I put the canvas bins in place, making it look a bit neater. I need to decide if I want to label the boxes, or just play "grab bag" when looking for a project. 

Those are all the clean parts of my studio! I hope you enjoyed the photo album tour. If videos are more your style, see below:
Back in the spring, I was part of the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop and I took this video. I'm reposting it here. :) 


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