Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Hello + NEW Ribbit Pattern!

December is starting off packed to the gills! I'm joining Cheryl of Muppin.com in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge, which starts today, and I'm launching a new quilt pattern (which is 20% off...keep reading for details!). 

So if you're new here, hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lisa and I'm a quilter. 😁

I'm also a:

  • quilt pattern editor
  • pattern designer
  • fabri-holic
  • virtual lecturer/teacher
  • mom of 3 kids currently doing virtual schooling
  • chocolate lover
  • baker
  • huge fan of outdoor activities
If we were meeting in person in a quilting group, maybe we'd do an ice breaker like 2 Truths and a Lie. It's a cheesy game, but I enjoy it because you learn such interesting yet random things about people. 
I'll put mine here; leave a comment with yours and a guess about which of mine is the lie. 😁
1. I despise bananas.
2. I once ran a marathon.
3. I once skinny dipped in a glacier lake.

If you'd like to see some of my work, click on the Patterns link up above or visit my Etsy shop and/or use the links at the bottom of this post to follow me on IG, FB or to receive my newsletter. I love making new quilting friends!

 And now on to Ribbit!

This quilt pattern has been in my "to-do" folder for several years. It was just waiting for the right fabric line. And let's be honest, time. If I had time to make every quilt I wanted to, well, I'd need a bigger house. 

When I saw Cheryl Lynch's Mosaic Masterpiece collection for Hoffman Fabrics, I knew it was time for Ribbit to come to life! The cool multi-colored tile pieces in the fabrics perfectly echoed the style of my frog quilt design. Find out more about Cheryl here.

I like them all, but I am IN LOVE with the light mosaic print. It's the perfect low-volume print, with all those fun pops of color. See the full range of colors here.

I took the Freddy the Frog out to my neighbor's dock on a blustery November day. 

The Ribbit pattern is 20% off to celebrate launch week! Purchase the pattern in my Etsy shop using coupon code RIBBIT.

Is there a frog lover in your life? Make them a Ribbit quilt! 
Click here to purchase the Ribbit quilt pattern.

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  1. I love your Ribbit pattern!!! And you are so right - this was the perfect fabric for it! Also thank you for posting the 31 day blog challenge on IG - that is how I saw it and decided to join in! Hi t is just what I needed to jumpstart back my

  2. What a cute pattern. I do have a lover of frogs in the family. I am guessing the lie is you despise bananas. Here are my three. I will try to make it easy on you since you know nothing about me:
    1.I am a really great procrastinator
    2.I have visions of being organized that struggle to make it reality
    3. I am a wedding planner

    1. Since 1 and 2 go together so well, I'm going to guess that 3 is the lie.

  3. Very cute pattern, and perfect fabrics to go with it. I would guess that you do not despise bananas, but probably accomplished the other 2. Here's my 3:
    1. I was once a winner in a yoyo contest
    2. I procrastinate with almost everything just so I can quilt.
    3. I cannot eat liver.

    1. I'm going to guess that you were not a winner in a yoyo contest.

    2. Oh and I do hate bananas! I have never run a marathon. :)

    3. Ha! I did win a yo yo contest. Forget that I was 13 at the time! I cannot eat liver! I procrastinate with a lot of things, but not the important stuff. When I finish cleaning something--kitchen, bathroom, house, I quilt, quilt, quilt.
      You got me on the marathon and the bananas. You are only the second person I've heard of that doesn't like them. That was fun, Lisa!