Saturday, December 5, 2020

My First Quilt (or Three)

Every so often, it's fun to look back at where your quilting journey began. I'm doing that today--with a trifecta for today's 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge prompt! 

My 1st Quilt
Technically this was my first quilt. I made it when I was a kid--maybe 10 or so?  It's about 8" square. And no, it wasn't a doll quilt--I used it to cover up the glowing red numbers on my digital alarm clock! 

What I like about this quilt (besides that it's an early nod toward my future hobby and career) is that most of the fabrics in it hold memories. The lavender rosebud and peach floral were also used for doll clothes my mom made for my doll; my mom used the tan check for cones in appliqued bibs she used to sew for craft fairs; the white with rose geometric and blue mottled in the bottom row were from my mom's first quilt, made for my rose and country blue childhood bedroom.

My 2nd Quilt
I made my first quilt the year after I graduated from college. I didn't know enough to realize that on-point quilt patterns were maybe not the best choice for a first quilt. :) I also didn't know that I should be aiming for the half-square triangles to have points that weren't cut off--and considering that, I did pretty well! 

I remember picking out the two border fabrics first and then choosing coordinates for the blocks. I also remember--and this was in 2000--wanting to use a lot more white on white in this quilt and being talked out of it in the quilt shop--this was before modern quilting hit its heyday! 
This quilt is our family picnic quilt--it has gone to countless baseball games, fireworks, snack dinners in the yard, playgrounds, and more. Considering it's 22 years old, it's holding up pretty well! 

My 1st Modern Quilt
And last, here's my first modern quilt, made in 2012. It uses lots of white, because that's what modern quilts do, right? :) It's a wonky log cabin quilt, which over the years has become one of my favorite styles of quilts. I talk about this quilt in my Road to Improv lecture and how it got me started on my improv journey.

What does your first quilt look like? When did you make it? 

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