Saturday, January 31, 2015

New baby quilt design!

I'm starting out the year strong with a last-minute finish for January's ALYOF goal, hosted by Sew BitterSweet Designs and Fiber of All Sorts

Here was my original pattern, which I designed and sewed back in 2008 before my first son was born:
(My 5-month-old is currently using this quilt!)

And here is my updated 2015 version:

Next up is deciding how to quilt it...I have some ideas but not sure if my free motion abilities can make them happen! 

I am happy to have finished the quilt top--success in month #1, and that much closer to producing my first pattern for sale!

I sewed the Log Cabin blocks a couple weeks ago, and knew that I'd need to do the applique blocks and assemble the quilt top this week. A few unexpected deadlines came up, and I ended up sewing two other quilt tops this week as well. (Which is why I finished this quilt top in the last few hours of January!) 

My design wall was filled up, so I laid this one out on the floor!

Below is evidence of why you should not sew late at night when you're starting to feel tired:
I fused the animal shapes to the right side of the fabric. Oops!

What else have I been up to?
My boys had an ice day on Thursday, so we worked on assembling their blocks into a quilt top. We're just about done! The boys appropriated two of my orphan blocks (4th row, far left and far right), but they made the rest. They're very proud, and I think that knowing that this quilt was made by a 5 year old and 3.5 year old changes it from the initial reaction of "wow, that's super busy!" to pretty cool. 

My oldest also lost his second tooth. I finished his tooth fairy pillow just in time! 

The back side:
These tooth fairy pillows are currently for sale on my new Etsy shop.

And Friday morning, I went fabric shopping for someone else. Love doing that! I met my friend and her sister at the local fabric shop to weigh in on fabric selection for a quilt. Here's the pile of bolts they took home:

And here's the assembled quilt top on their design wall. Cut and stitched in less than 24 hours--impressive! 

Now we're just waiting for some fresh snow and hosting a Super Bowl party tomorrow night...should be fun!


  1. Pretty baby quilt and the boys did a great job on their quilt. Great finishes!

  2. I'm expecting a granddaughter in April and I love elephants. I'll be watching for your pattern.