Thursday, January 15, 2015

A stitched Christmas gift recap

Now that the holidays are over the pine needles are cleaned up (see the bottom picture!), it's time to share some of my Christmas gift sewing. 

First, a fabric toy bucket. I love these fabrics!

Two sets of fabric letters with drawstring bags. This has become my new go-to gift for 2 and 3-year-olds.

Set #2:

My newest nephew's stocking:

The photos my sister sent of all four stockings together. I love this!

I know I showed this off already, but since Ben's stocking was part of my December sewing, I'm sharing it again! Come St. Nick's Day next December, all three of my kids will be set with stockings and I can sit back and relax!

Another one I already showed off, but also part of my December sewing. Thrilled this was done too!

And then just for's what our tree looked like on January 6th. In all fairness to the tree, we were out of town for 7 days, home for 3, and then gone for another 5 over the holidays. So we definitely were not watering consistently. Quite a pine needle carpet! 


  1. That was a lot of pine needle sweeping. I love the little letter sets :-)

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