Monday, January 19, 2015

January Blues

Sometime last year, I stumbled across the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at Sew Scrappy. I loved the idea, so I mentally bookmarked it for 2015.  Lo and behold, it's 2015 and my mental bookmark worked, so I'm participating!

If you're not in a clicking mood, basically the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is what it sounds like. Each month, you make blocks out of the chosen color. There's an overall scrap quilt pattern for the year, with tutorials for sampler blocks for centers of a main star block, or you can do your own thing. I spent a little time on Sew Scrappy's RSC Pinterest board and found way too many ideas I liked.

While procrastinating other things last week (sorting piles of paperwork, putting away Christmas decorations, laundry...) I jumped into the first month's color: blue. I got a bit carried away (courtesy of that Pinterest board with far too many cool rainbow scrap quilts). We'll see if I can keep up this momentum each month...

The only drawback is that even though I made 6 blocks, I don't feel like I even put a dent in my stash. Oh well...

All 6 blocks together:

The two Log Cabin blocks:

At top, 12-1/2" square of made fabric, 15-Minutes-Play style. My plan at the moment is to make these into Drunkard's Path blocks paired with a white solid. We'll see how that plan evolves through the year. At bottom, a "slab."

25-patch wonky star blocks:

This could get addicting...!


  1. Totally addictive!!! I've started about 3 new projects since the beginning of the year... and I'm supposed to be concentrating on FINISHING projects! Having TONS of fun in the sewing room, but haven't been able to link-up with the group. Not sure what the problem is. :o((

  2. I love your 25 patch wonky star blocks!!

  3. All of your blocks look great... you have lovely blue scraps! Welcome to the challenge.

  4. Your blocks are great. I too love the blue material you have.