Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ALYOF 2014 Recap

Here's my 2014 A Lovely Year of Finishes recap. Last year (2013), I missed one month. This past year, I missed two months. But I had a baby too, so I'm calling it good. Maybe 2015 is my year to go 12 for 12?!?!

January: piecing my niece's pennant quilt top (leftover from December 2013 goal)
February: quilting a baby quilt for our friends (we gave it in person in April)
March: piecing a chevron quilt top for a friend in the hospital (mailed this off in a fairly timely manner)
April: piecing my improve herringbone quilt top from the GLMQG (Love how this one finished up!)
May: quilting my niece's baby quilt (and mailed it in May as well! woo hoo!)
June: Piecing the back for my new bed quilt (hoping to get this on my bed in 2015--it's with the machine quilter right now)
July: didn't make it (vacation plus very pregnant = low ambition)
August: quilting this small quilt (still need to bind it...)
September: Making a set of fabric letters for my nephew (done and mailed almost on time!)
October: finishing assembling the second top for my sons' new bed quilts (Thanks, mom, for assembling the other one)
November: didn't make it (I blame the late date of Thanksgiving)
December: finishing my baby's stocking (shhh...didn't finish it until after Christmas, but it WAS still December!)

On to 2015!

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