Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December ALYOF Goal Complete

It may not have been done for Christmas, but I finished my little guy's stocking for my December 
A Lovely Year of Finishes goal. (He wouldn't have known the difference, and I had gifts to sew before the 25th!) December, I will be so thrilled to pull this out, ready to go!

Here's his finished stocking:

And a close-up of the top and lining:

And a pic of all three boys' stockings together:

And a pic of my little guy, Benjamin, now 4 months, with his stocking. My story is that he looks displeased because his stocking was late. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Love the font! The three look great together and complement the tree skirt beautifully!

  2. such a pretty finish. I think his face says he wanted it filled. LOL

  3. Cute! I think Benjamin's face says what's that flash in front of my eyes.