Friday, February 6, 2015

ALYOF Goal: Baptism Gown Bag

My 5-month-old was baptized back in October in a family baptism gown which has been worn by 17 people over three generations of my husband's family. (You can see it in the photo below.) As our generation has used this gown for our babies, it has traveled between our homes wrapped in tissue paper and secured in a ziplock bag. Something so special deserves better packaging!

When I got this lovely blue and white fabric printed with the Lord's Prayer (from Kanvas' Bible Study collection), I thought it would be perfect for a little quilted bag. And now it's February, and I still have the gown and the fabric. No bag. It keeps getting pushed down my to-do list because there's no concrete deadline for finishing it. So for my February A Lovely Year of Finishes goal, I am going to make the bag for the baptism gown! (And yes, we might still transport the quilted bag in a ziplock bag just to keep the gown protected from spills, but it will have it's own quilted home as well!)

And here's a sneak peek of what else I've been working on--batik strips for a cool curved table runner in the Curves Class over at Stitched in Color! (More on this later)


  1. What a perfect bag for a precious gown! Clever of you to put the two together. And those batik strips - I have squeezed the life out of that black with the white teardrop shapes - and I recognize several of the other batiks in there. Yes, I do! Look forward to what you create.

  2. How nice to have something passed down over the years. Do you know who made the gown?

  3. What a great idea for such a perfect heirloom.