Thursday, February 26, 2015

A finished quilt top! (But not for me!)

I have been dabbling in a bunch of different projects lately: a few for the Curves class I took at Stitched in Color, a few original designs for magazine submission and my own patterns to sell, a commissioned quilt, and another for a blog hop (posts on all of those things to come!). 

But the one project that did get finished is the quilt my two older boys (6 and 3.5) made. They are really proud of it, and I am proud of them! 

(And it's Batman Thursday, in case you couldn't tell. Every Thursday is Batman Thursday here.)

Here's the finished quilt without goofy boys in front of it. They are MUCH more interested in sewing blocks than in assembling the blocks into the quilt top. The last couple seams dragged on for several weeks, and I almost just sewed them myself, but I really wanted the quilt to be made by them. 

I think I will have some fun quilting it--great for practicing some new machine quilting motifs, because the stitching won't show much with all the action in the quilt top! 

I asked each boy to show his favorite block. They both chose the last block they made, which had some fairly appealing fussy cut sections.

Here's Josiah's:

A close-up of the block:

And Thomas':

And a close-up:

As for me, this is still my favorite block, because Thomas drew it first with crayons and then wanted to make it out of fabric. You can read more about that block here.

I'm off to finish my February ALYOF goal...darn February with only 28 days!


  1. Wow. What a great job. Truly an heirloom.

  2. Cute quilt and a couple of my grandsons have batman day often and my daughter's chicken pincushion plays in the batcave often.

  3. Wow, they did really well! And you must have the patience of an angel. I know my boys move way too much to be at the machine more than a few minutes.