Monday, January 28, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas?

Are you sick of red, green, and all things Christmas? I am.

That feeling is compounded by my almost 4-year-old, who truly caught on to the "Santa is watching to see if you deserve presents" concept right around December 26th. So he's stilllllll telling me, "Momma, Santa is going to bring a present because I gave my brother his blankey" and so on. Newsflash, kid: I'm sure you're going to do enough naughty things in the next 300+ days to negate any good behavior in January.

Here is my last Christmas-y post for many months, and I have the Lovely Year of Finishes to thank for it. There is NO WAY I would have completed my kids' stockings in January without this deadline egging me on.

So here we go!

You can read the initial story of these stockings here and then my original Lovely Year of Finishes January post here

 Close-ups of both stockings. I didn't do the embroidery myself. I originally had another, more geometric print planned for where you see the trees. But with the angled piecing, no matter what I did, it looked like a mistake because of the straight lines of the geometric design. So I scrapped that idea and went with the trees. I love having the stripes in the piecing on the bias, too. The stocking body is just basic straight line machine quilting.

A peek inside the stocking. I love this dot fabric!

So happy to have these complete! It will be a joy to pull them out next December.

Now it's time to start thinking about my February goal...

Also sharing over at Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.


  1. They turned out great! I'm over the Christmas d├ęcor. But the stockings are nice to see. You did such a fabulous job on those! The boys will be thrilled to have them out for reals at the end of the year I am sure!

  2. Congrats on your finish! These stockings look great!

  3. The stockings look great! Don't you just love almost 4 year olds!! Mine is always talking about his birthday (coming up soon in Feb) and Christmas and presents. He wants a motorbike or pool table!! uh, no sorry kid. They are so clued in and wise some times.

  4. Your stockings are beautiful. Your 4 year old is so cute. Have you made any snowmen with him yet? I made my first yesterday. Today it's raining and foggy. I bet the snowman is gone by now. Congratulations on your finish!

  5. Congrats on the finish! Love the font, the trees and the stripe on the bias. You have been so generous with your stocking glad the boys now have theirs

  6. Hey, way to go! A great finish. I love the binding and lining, too. The embroidery looks great, as does the entire stocking. Well done!

  7. Wonderful! You'll be so happy next December when you aren't stressed about trying to get those done and can instead pull out these cute, completed stockings. How is your husband doing on the mantels?