Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 Minutes Play with Black!

Last year (okay, it was December 30, but I love saying that), Victoria at 15 Minutes Play posted a suggestion to play a bit with black.  
The other night, my husband and kids were sleeping and I was feeling a bit of a creative itch. I had another project that I needed to work on the next day, so the evening seemed perfect for a little 15 minutes of play. 

Here's what I came up with:
 (Measures 11" square)

Here's how I did it:

I pulled out a bunch of black and white prints and created some made fabric (doing this really got me wanting to work on my Shades of Grey quilt...hopefully in February!)

Four "squares" became a wonky four-patch block.

I was tempted to leave it like this--I really didn't want to cover up any of the piecing! But after a few gray, dreary days, I needed to inject some color, and this piece seemed like the place. So I pulled out my new Bigshot and some leftover Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar prints and started cutting petals.
 I hadn't ever considered the caterpillar fabric in a none-kid capacity before. I really like it. It looks all painterly, and a little like graffiti. 

I tried the traditional layout and it just looked too expected. I tossed petals around a bit and didn't find any layout I loved. So I set it aside.

I came back to it today and decided to try the whole flower, but not centered.

  I used a cool zigzag-type stitch on my machine to applique the petals, which I really liked.

I had planned to do a frayed edge center, but it just got too fluorescent. See?

So I stuck with the pieced black showing through. If I had to do it over again, I would have paid more attention to what fabric combination was sticking through the center hole. What's there is fine, but it would have been fun to pick purposely.

Oh, I forgot. Before I added the petals, I straight line machine quilted the background. Until I sit down and do some made fabric/random piecing, I always forget how much I love the look, especially with straight line quilting to finish it off. I'm seeing an e-reader cover on the horizon made using this technique.

I had known from the beginning that I wanted to use the white/black ticking for the binding. But I thought I needed a little more color, so I added an orange flange. 
I am calling this my graffiti quilt.

I love how this turned out. I had a lot of fun playing with the blacks. I don't normally use a ton of black in my quilting, and certainly never all black, so it was interesting to do it purposefully. I really like how it created a textured background for the brighter  colors, and how the combination was so artsy. 

Sharing today on Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.


  1. I really like this little piece....a good spent 15 minutes...lol

  2. You really inspire me to try this! Thanks for showing us.

  3. Oh, I love how this turned out. I like how the flower is off center and the flange really adds to it too. And straight line quilting is my favorite! Very creative!

  4. that turned out fabulous!!! love the colours. man, it makes my choices feel so boring haha. Janelle www.emmalinebags.com

  5. I really like it! So creative and fun!

  6. Love this! Added to my list of projects ;-)

  7. I love it . So creative. I think I must make something similar.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. What a great mini! Love all the texture going on!

  9. That is a cool block and I love the fabric.

  10. What a fun project, love the background!! Thank you for sharing on my Show and Tell post today!

  11. I really love this project. I love everything about it. The pieced black, the bright petals, the aweseome ziazag stitching, the blac showing through the center, the ticking, the flange. So cool. I was thinking for our GLMQG maybe we could do 15 min to play during our sew in. That could be fun!

  12. What a beautiful piece and I love my Big Shot too!

  13. What a cute project! The black really sets thing off, I think. Great job!