Friday, January 11, 2013

Charity quilt update!

I made some great progress over the holidays on the Hurricane Sandy quilt tops I'm making from donated blocks. If you recognize blocks that you sent in one of these quilts, please leave a comment below. I'd like to give you a shout-out!. As I'd mentioned in an earlier post, when the blocks came, I excitedly ripped into the envelopes and pretty much immediately lost track of who sent what.

One top is ready for quilting; the other just needs an outer border to make it a little bigger (going shopping for that tomorrow; not enough large yardage pieces in my stash). These have definitely taken longer than I'd hoped to make, but I'm sure (unfortunately) there are still people in need.

This one is queen size.

When assembling the blocks I received into quilt tops, I tried to balance using what I'd been sent and/or what I had on hand (hoping to make this a semi-cost-effective project) with making something that was attractive. If you see that pink nine-patch in the lower right corner above, you may question my success in that endeavor, as it doesn't seem to match. There is more pink in other outer border spots that help balance it out, but my babysitter's arms were only so long, so it didn't all show!

This one will be a twin quilt. Hoping to find a border fabric and backing fabric on the sale rack tomorrow!

I have a friend who has graciously volunteered to quilt the top quilt; I'm going to brave quilting the lower one on my home machine. Happily the fabric is busy, so my quilting won't be seen too much!

I still have more blocks and will continue assembling them into tops, but they may go to other charity efforts depending on how soon I can finish them. I hope no one who sent me blocks minds...

p.s. Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict's "Can I get a whoop whoop Friday" about a prolific quilter for people in need...if you haven't checked out her blog, make sure you do! It seems like she finishes several quilts a week and I'm envious!


  1. Both quilt tops are pretty... I especially like the string quilt!!


  2. Beautiful tops, Ellie! Wonderful work for a good cause!! And if you'd like to send the second one to me, I'll gladly quilt it and send it back to you...

    Whoop whoop!!

  3. Beautiful tops - love the plaid in the first one!

  4. I didn't question any of your decisions. They both look great. Good for you!