Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello, Snow!

This is what I woke up to this morning. 
Glorious, isn't it?!?!

And so appropriate, because this is what I've been working on:
It's an appliqued center panel to a plaid flannel lap quilt that I will get done this year. 

Another piece of perfect timing is that my parents visited this weekend. My home office/sewing studio is the bonus room over the garage of our house. Ideal, because it's large. Less ideal because heat doesn't reach it very well, so I usually layer up to go in there. Until now. 

My dad, along with an almost 4-year-old self-appointed "little fixer" helped me and my husband to install a baseboard heater. Now I can sew (and work) in toasty warmth! Thanks Dad! 

One other project from the weekend: my mom is getting ready to straight line machine quilt her first quilt. We got it basted Saturday night. Here it is!
Such a soft, pretty palette of scraps! 

I'm off to take two little boys sledding...then back to my snowman quilt later. 


  1. I'm such a California girl, and a beach one at that! When you said glorious about the snow I said, "Meh". I have only gotten lost in the snow, so snow and I are not close friends. Pretty to look at though.
    Thank goodness for Dad's who are handy. Nice to get a heater going in your bonus room. Now you will have cozy sewing/crafting times!
    Your Mom's quilt top isa very pretty! Love those colors.

  2. I just wish it was MORE snow so I could really use my skis. :-) Glad you got some heat. I got some in my basement, too. It's toasty warm! Hope you're having a good visit. Your mom's quilt is awesome!

  3. Oh! I love Mama's quilt! What pattern is that? What a wonderful stash buster too. Great job mama!

    1. Abbigail, I checked with mom and it's Rosie’s Posies from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. email Copyright by Carrie Nelson. Hope that helps!