Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color Challenge: Rust

Rust was the hue of the week in the Color Challenge over at 15 Minutes Play

My first grab out of my stash was for some deep turquoise. I realized I was headed down the path of my orange block, which I liked, but wanted to try a different combo. So I went with green instead. (Okay, maybe not so different, but...) I grabbed the bottom fabric first, the leafy print and the other green fabric second, and then filled in with the yellow-green, purple, and magenta. 

Made fabric: I am slowly getting better at estimating how much of this to make.

Finished block:
I love the green hues with the rust, but that's no surprise. It's that copper/patina concept. I was pleased with the purple/rust concept, as I wouldn't have thought of that, and really surprised by the fact that the yellow-green and the magenta worked as well as they did. I do like seeing rust in a modern setting, as my memories of rust are of a country blue and rust family room. 

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