Monday, May 14, 2012

Count 'em! 120 Strippin' Dot Blocks

Public deadlines and peer pressure are a beautiful combination.
Last Monday I posted over at Amy's Creative Side that my "One Thing, One Week" challenge was to finish making all of these blocks by today. 
I may have put off a little housekeeping (perhaps we should get a dog to help keep the floor under my 9-month-old's chair clean) and given up a little sleep (it's overrated anyway!), I finished them. All 120*. 
Aren't they pretty? 
*Yes, I know my original post said 108, but apparently I can't multiply very well. 

Now I'm trying to decide exactly what to do with them. 

A quilt, laid out like this? 

Or with narrower white sashing that mimics the block strips, like this?

I even tried them without sashing, 
but I think it's too awkward where the white strips meet in random places.

What do you like best? I'm open to suggestions!


  1. I like the spacing between better - the one that mimics the stripes - then it looks like the white is all connected and planned.

  2. They look great! I like the second layout best but it is sure to look fabulous whatever you decide to do. Congrats on the finish (and, yes, a dog would be helpful with that...ha!). Smiles~Beth