Thursday, May 24, 2012

Patchwork Prism Addiction...

...or disaster...we'll see when I start trying to piece it! I discovered this Quilt Along at The Sewing Chick. It's a pattern designed by Anna Maria Horner and presented in conjunction with Janome.  You can find more out about it here.

Gorgeous, isn't it?!?!
Just the fabric selection and cutting is a big project, let alone the actual piecing. Thank goodness for VERY explicit directions and layout diagrams.
To make matters slightly more complicated, my design wall is currently folded up on the floor out of commission. So I've started the layout on the futon in my studio, but will need to move to the design wall soon. I'm also doing the quilt at 50% of its actual size (still pretty size-able!).
My fabrics are all batiks. I've got the first couple colors laid out and am still working on cutting the rest.

I started by pulling out ALL of my batiks (yikes!) and sorting them by color:

Then I organized each pile so I could see of my available options:
Yum, right? I could happily quilt forever just using batiks.

And here's what I have laid out so far. I still need to play around with actual placement of each piece, but I wanted to start out by getting the effect of the various "rings" of color.

Here's to more triangle cutting!

Updated: I have all the purples (next round) cut and laid out now; working my way through blue cutting.

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