Monday, June 4, 2012

Sew Small Show and Tell

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I was lucky enough to spend some time sewing with my mom last week. It's great for two reasons: First, the socializing aspect, and second, four hands means twice as much gets done! She helped me cross a bunch of items off my never-ending to-do list, several of which were gifts for some newly hatched babies and my two favorite (and only) nieces.

Baby Cute
 I really prefer embellishing pre-made ones rather than making my own. It saves me time--and that's time that I can put into embellishing more of them! I was thrilled to find plain colored bibs and burp cloths--so much more interesting than white.
These are for a sweet little girl who is a younger sister. I'm thinking she probably doesn't need any clothes, so I chose these gifts instead. You can never have too many bibs and burp cloths!

It's not delivery, it's...
Next up, a project that I'd heard about from friends, this time for my own son. Felt pizza for his play kitchen. Mom sewed the crust and I cut up the toppings. We made a whole pizza and then a pizza cut into quarters for future math and fraction practice. At the moment I love this pizza-making activity more than he does, but I'm confident that will change. Oh, and we stopped into our local pizza shop and asked if we could buy a box. They gave us one for free. Perfect for storage and delivery!

All Dressed Up
I saw sundress fabric in my local quilt shop a month or so ago. After a call to my sister-in-law to check sizes, I bought some. I have sewed clothes once or twice--a hoodie for a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was a kid, and a fairy costume for my niece. I admire handmade clothes, but it's not my forte. However, these dresses I could handle. Can't wait to see them on my nieces! (Sorry, you just get a hanger picture for now; not nearly as cute.)

Quilt-as-you-go Tote Bag
You'll see this one again soon, as I'm working on a tutorial for the assembly process. I loved the stark contrast of the indigo and cream in these fabrics--the Katagami collection from Red Rooster Fabrics--and after searching two different shops, finally found the "right" orange to pop. I've already taken this bag on a trip with me--it is a perfect size for holding everything I need without being so large that it knocks down strangers walking next to me. Stay tuned for the tutorial so you can make your own!

Sewing Donation
I'm keeping my eyes open for some "sewing for others" opportunities...I sure don't need to keep everything I make! I stumbled across a chance to make easy zippered bags for foster kids attending the Royal Kids Foster Camp on the Mommy for Reals blog. Five zippered pouches with coordinating linings, done and on their way! Each took about 10 minutes to make. Love easy ways likes this to help others.

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  1. Dropped by from Lily's Quilt Small Blog Meets - loving your stuff, particularly the baby bibs. Good to meet you :)

  2. Cute projects, I just love that little pizza!

  3. Hi Ellie stopping by from Lily's Quilt Small Blog Meets. I really like your stuff and the sweing donation is such a great idea. I'd love to get involved.