Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disappearing Ninepatch, Complete with Sous Chef

Have you ever quilted with a sous chef? Or maybe it should be a sous quilter. Either way, it sounds so much better than plain old "assistant."
When my mom visited recently, she served as my sous chef. She pinned fabrics, pressed seams, and generally did anything that needed to be done so that I could just sit at the machine and piece block after block. Ahhh...
Sewing like this spoils me. It goes so quickly! Since Mom isn't always around (we live four hours apart), I'll just keep wishing for a clone. Perhaps one that could cook and clean and wipe baby bottoms while I sit in my studio, stitching project after project.

But I digress. With Mom's help, I made disappearing ninepatch blocks, following this tutorial from The Cottage Mama.

The blocks went from these squares:

To these ninepatch blocks in the works, with solid white centers:

To these ninepatches:

Then I cut each ninepatch in half twice:

And added white sashing to complete the quilt center.
Now, a question: Do you think it needs a border? If so, what? Please help me decide how to finish this!

(Also, I'm really struggling with photographing this. What you see here is attempt #3. Outside, inside, no luck. The aqua green color is actually a very pretty blue-ish teal color. )

Linking my pieced top up with Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story.

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  1. I'd add a narrow white border the same size as your sashing, then a print border the same size as your squares. Most any color in the top would work but I think the dark red would look nice. I'd like an extra pair of hands too!

  2. Love it! I'd add a white border the same size as your sashing, and that's it. Then of course a dark binding to match the inner fabrics. I never thought of adding sashings to disappearing 9 patches. Great idea!

  3. love it....so nice that your mom was able to help! i'd add a white border same as your sashing and then bind it in one of the darker prints.
    oh...and i can't wait for your giveaway!!!

  4. I agree with the others - a white border would be just the thing. I found your blog linked at the Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts and look forward to seeing your Gallery:).