Monday, October 2, 2023

Quilts of Valor Presentation

Tonight I got to be part of something very special: a Quilts of Valor presentation to my former neighbor, an Army Ranger.

Me, Tom and the quilt

It all started back in spring when Tom's wife, Shari, asked me if I knew anyone who made t-shirt quilts, as she wanted to have one made for her son, who was retiring from the Marines. I volunteered. Then she asked if I knew anything about the program to get quilts to veterans, as her husband, Tom, was also a veteran. I said I could help with that too - I had recently designed a free pattern for Benartex's American Spirit collection, and I actually had the fabric in hand to make the quilt. 
the reveal

Several sets of hands were instrumental in this project. My mom, Lindy, offered to piece the quilt. My friend and machine quilter, Diane, quilted it. My roles were easy - I initiated the project, I bound the quilt, and I added the label. :) And then of course, I had the honor of awarding the quilt. 

Tom's son was in town for a visit, so this week became the perfect time to present Tom with the quilt. Family and close friends met for dinner at a local brewery, and my family and I showed up with the quilt. 

Shari, daughter Stacey, Tom, and son Brad

I explained the mission of Quilts of Valor, told the backstory of the quilt, and awarded it to Tom. The entire group was so excited and touched to see Tom honored this way - I still have tingles thinking about it!
Showing the label

Label close-up

I've heard about Quilts of Valor for years and know many quilters who have participated in this worthwhile program. It was a pleasure and an honor to play a role in making this quilt and awarding it. Huge thanks to my mom and Diane for doing the hard work of creating the quilt! 

A few more photos of the American Patchwork quilt: 

Can't beat a Michigan farm field, barn, and cloud-studded sky!

Love the little details in Diane's quilting, like these stars in the sashing squares

Red block - a nine-patch variation

Blue block - Mom even made sure all the text was facing "up"!

Another beauty shot

 Thanks to Benartex and their Ambassador program for the fabric to make this quilt happen!

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