Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Leaves & Webs: 2-in-1 Reversible Placemats

Happy fall! 
I admit that I have 2 plastic totes packed with Halloween and fall decorations (and that doesn't count our outside Halloween decorations!). But I can't resist making more projects every year - I love this season! 

This year, I decided to make Two-in-One Reversible Placemats. They work for both fall AND Halloween, but they'll take up less space wherever you store your decorations! 

I've got a thing for fall leaves, so that's naturally what I chose for fall, browsing through my scraps to find the "best" leaf colors. And spider webs - how fun are they?! Here are the supplies i used. I'm a Thermoweb designer, so the tutorial for this project is featured on their blog

A quick note about the construction of these placemats - I opted to use an orange flange as the accent border. The flange gets quilted down, but I do like the little add-on of dimension it creates. 

Another look at the Leaf side of the placemats:

And the Web side: 

 Head over to Thermoweb's blog to find the tutorial!

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