Thursday, October 5, 2023

Making Faces Bonus Templates

When I stitched my pumpkin blocks, I wanted them to be jack o'lanterns instead. 

Aren't they adorable?!?! I just sketched my face shapes, but afterwards I created a pdf with similar faces to these for you to use. Download the pumpkin face templates here. Enjoy!

Since my pumpkin block has a black background, I knew I could use the fused pumpkin shape I cut out of the background for my eyes, nose and mouth. Easy! 

I love how those two bats look almost like accidental eyebrows! I didn't fare quite so well with the smile--the black bat in the right tooth makes it look like that tooth has a broken edge, which I've decided work for a jack o'lantern. attention to where you place your appliques! 

I also made a second pumpkin block, so I decided to try yellow eyes, nose and mouth so that this jack o'lantern looked like it was lit up. I like them both! 

If you add a face to your pumpkin, make sure to stitch down the appliques to secure them. Since you're fusing them to a pieced surface, they'll need those extra stitches. 

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