Thursday, September 28, 2023

Week 2 - Strippy Improv Halloween QAL

Welcome back for Week 2 of the Strippy Improv Halloween QAL! 

It's block making week! 
The beauty of a 4-block quilt is that once you have 2 made, you're halfway done! 

Thanks for weighing in on which of my four mocked up versions I should make. I chose #1, but you might see some blocks from #4 make an appearance down the road. Here's my mock up, made using the Glow-O-Ween fabrics from Benartex. 

And did I mention this fabric GLOWS IN THE DARK!?!?!

And here are my first two blocks:

Which blocks have you decided to make? Let me know in the comments. 

I've got 4 block making tips for you today: 
Tip 1: 
If you're using a non-symmetrical block (like the pumpkin with its stem, for example), make sure that when you trace the shape onto the fusible web, it's reversed from when you trace the shape onto the muslin. If you're using a symmetrical shape (like the spider, don't worry about this.)

Tip 2:
I recommend placing an iron an cutting mat adjacent to your sewing machine for block making. These blocks assemble with a press and cut after every seam, so you'll enhance your efficiency if everything you need is together. 

Tip 3: If you accidentally cut through the muslin when you're trimming strips, don't worry! I've done it as well. Just keep sewing - the hole in the muslin will be covered. 

Tip 4: 
If your fabric marking pen erases with heat, consider using pencil to trace your templates onto muslin. Otherwise your traced shape on the muslin will disappear as you add strips. 

What comes next: 
If you've completed the strippy improv piecing part and wondering if your blocks look "right," here are what mine looked like after piecing. After you cut out the reverse applique background and fuse in place, you can trim the excess. Note that for the bat, I pieced the strips on an angle. Choose your strip direction based on how you want the final block to look. 

If you learn better by video, I have a YouTube video showing this same technique used for my Holiday pattern. You can find it here. I also shared a reel showing me making the pumpkin block on Instagram (@quiltyzest).

Have fun making your first two blocks! Meet me back here on Thursday, October 5 where I'll be sharing my other two blocks. 

Here's the QAL schedule: 
Thursday 9/21: Fabric and block choices
Thursday 9/28: Make 2 blocks
Thursday 10/5: Make 2 blocks
Thursday 10/12: Assemble and finish!

I hope you'll join in the fun! I'll be posting here on the blog and also sharing posts on IG (@quiltyzest). If you're going to sew along, use the hashtag #strippyimprovhalloween to share your block and/or fabric choices!

Ready to join the fun? Order just the digital Strippy Improv Halloween pattern here
The pattern includes 9 block choices plus both a square wall hanging and table runner option.

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