Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Person's "Ugly" Is...

...another person's beautiful. I've joined the Color Challenge over at If you're not familiar with this site, it's a fun and always busy place to "play" with fabrics--it's run by a wonderfully creative woman, Victoria, and she comes up with challenges, block exchanges, etc. and followers post what they've made on the site.

Much of the piecing on this website centers around "made" fabric...sewing little scraps together to make a large enough piece to cut squares/triangles/whatever you need. I happen to love this description in particular right now because my 3-year-old has taken an interest in my quilting and calls it "cutting squares into little pieces," which is exactly what quilting and made fabric are all about!

In this 12-week Color Challenge, Victoria posts an "ugly"/less popular/hard to work with color each week, and everyone makes a block using that color and whatever they can find to look good with it. The first four colors:
Ochre (click here to see my block)
Avocado (click here to see my block)

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