Thursday, April 26, 2012

Color Challenge Ochre Block

To read about the Color Challenge I'm participating in, click here
I started a week late and need to go back and make my mauve block (and this week's peach block). But here's my fabric selection for the ochre block:

Not only was this my first block for this color challenge, it was also my first time playing with made fabric. So if it seems like there's not alot of ochre in my made fabric, that's why--I didn't have a real good feel for how much needed to be in my made fabric so that it would show up plenty after I cut it and used it in a block! Anyway, about the ochre. When I saw the color choice, my mind immediately went to this fabric. It's a print that I have a love/hate relationship with. I used it in a big block quilt full of Kaffe fabrics, but the entire time I was using it, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. But it worked with the other fabrics, so I just tried to ignore that little voice in my head. I can't pinpoint if it was the color I didn't like, or the pattern, but happy for the scraps to have another purpose! This was an easy one to start with because I used the colors in the print as a guide for choosing other scraps to go with. 

And here's the block I made from it. I'm using the khaki solid as the background for all the blocks so that they will "go" together when they're finished. 

I'm not nuts about the celery green, particularly where it touches the ochre, but I love the fuchsia/ochre combination! 
Click here for block #3, avocado.

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