Monday, April 2, 2012

Egg-ceptional Baskets

This year is my oldest child's third Easter and I decided it was time he (and his younger brother) had a basket for egg hunting. (Okay, so I admit they don't have Christmas stockings yet, either, but they will by this year. For sure. As long as I have time. Seriously, though, I have the fabric for the stockings, and the idea. Now all I need is time!).

Anyway, I digress. I didn't like any of the cheap-looking colored faux wicker baskets, and didn't even see any nicer (non-Easter) baskets that I liked when I looked at Hobby Lobby last week. But I did find mini bushel baskets. Perfect! Easter baskets with a bit of originality. Over my lunch hour on Monday, I headed to my local quilt shop to find some spring-y fabrics for liners. It was hard to find non-girly spring prints. I didn't need them to match, but I wanted them to coordinate somewhat.

Next up was finding a pattern. I'm a 2-D sewer. Quilts, table runners, pillow slipcovers, great! Throw in that extra dimension for 3-D and I feel like the third "D" stands for dumb. As in me. 
I used these two fantastic tutorials for inspiration and instructions on round basket liners. I loved the look of this pail liner at Make It and Love It, but I needed to account for the handles on my baskets. Then I found this tutorial at Delia Creates, which gave me the perfect solution for sizing and working around the handles. And then, just because I like to add my own touch to things, instead of making a drawstring, I added a "binding" to the edge of the liner and simply tied the edges together under the handles. 

I made two prototypes to get everything exactly how I wanted it. After finishing those, each liner took me a mere 30 minutes to make! Easter bunny, here we come!

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