Thursday, April 26, 2012

Color Challenge Avocado Block

To read about the Color Challenge I'm participating in, click here.
I found my avocado fabric pretty near the top of my green bin. When I pulled it out, it fell onto an orangey-pink batik I had on the floor, which immediately intrigued me. I ended up using mostly batiks in this block. I pulled out the purple mottled and two additional batiks with purple because I liked how they made the green pop. I rounded out the group with a dark orange/white dot and a darker avocado green. While I was looking for that darker green, I came across the butterfly fabric you see in the photo. I thought that the fact that the colors in it so closely mirrored mine was a bit of a validation of my color choices, which was fun. Here's my fabric pile: 

And then here's a pic of my "made" fabric. I had no idea how much fun this is--just random sewing with no worries about seam allowance, matching points, etc. And I actually kind of like this just how it is, without cutting it up.

But I did cut it up, and made this block:

I actually love these fabrics together so much (the avocados, purples, oranges, etc.) that I'm going to keep them in mind for a future quilt project! 
Click here to see my previous block, in ochre.

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