Sunday, April 13, 2014

Woven Quilt - published!

I'm excited to share this quilt with you--I designed it back in the fall as a "man's quilt" and then found some great "manly" colors from Connecting Threads to make it from. The quilt is featured as a pattern in the May/June issue of Quilt It...Today magazine. Always fun to see your work in print! :)

Here's the beauty shot from the magazine:

And a photo of the entire quilt, courtesy of my husband, the quilt holding expert. The blocks themselves are quite simple--just large snowball blocks. The tricky part--or at least the part that requires careful attention--is placement to achieve the woven effect. I know this because my machine quilter called me as she was loading the quilt onto her longarm to say that she thought I had a couple blocks positioned incorrectly. Yup, I did. So grateful to her attention to detail! The blocks still would have created a woven look, but it wouldn't have been the same symmetrical overlapping look here.

Do you see the mistakes in the original quilt top below? 
(Don't worry--I won't leave you hanging. I'll tell you where it is at the bottom of the post.)

I really love what the machine quilter, Diane Oakes, did with the quilt. I only had two requests--first, that it have more of a modern feel (as opposed to feathers or something flowery), and second, that the motifs somehow echo or enhance the feel of the weaving design. 
You can see the three different quilting designs she used--pebbles in the background, and a boxy design and back and forth design in the blue and the plaid, respectively. It turned out beautifully!

You can find the magazine here:

p.s. Did you find my mistakes? They're in the bottom right plaid "leg" of both Xs on the right side of the quilt. Those plaid "legs" should be going under the blue, not over. I fixed them before the machine quilter started, so the finished quilt is correct.


  1. When you pointed it out is was noticeable. Took me a while. It is a very manly quilt.

  2. Congratulations and I agree with suemac, this is a perfect Man quilt.

  3. Great quilt! it was hard to spot the mistake. Congratulations on being published!