Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mystery WIP...finished!

Yesterday I posted my WIP for the day, figuring that most people wouldn't know what it was.

I finished it last night, so I'm back to share here today, but first a little back story.

I'm currently halfway through my third pregnancy, and I'd like to introduce you to my best friend:
It's a Snoogle body pillow. This pillow and I have a lot of history--I've happily slept curled around it through two pregnancies, and it has experienced some wear and tear. When the (boring muslin) cover ripped last week, I looked into buying a new cover, but I found beige, navy, and some fairly boring prints, and all for more than $30. Blah. This got my wheels turning....

Yep, a patchwork Snoogle cover!

I admit that the entire time I was making it, I wondered if the idea was too hokey. Was I crossing the line into becoming a crazy quilting lady, transforming all aspects of my life into patchwork? (Hey, I don't have patchwork seat covers in my car yet, so I think I'm ok.)

But now that it's done, I LOVE it! It will make me smile for 20 more weeks.

The cover sewed up pretty quickly. I stretched out my existing cover on muslin and cut two patterns out. I sewed strips of fabric onto the muslin to give the cover a little added strength. One end of one side has an overlapping flap for removal, so it's easy enough to take off and wash.

Now if I can just convince my boys that it's mine and not theirs...their first words every morning are, "Can we snuggle in the snoogle?" Then they drag it out of my bed every morning to curl up in while they watch cartoons!

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  1. that's way prettier -- I bet you come sell quite a few.

  2. Love it!! So much better than the blah colors.

  3. Great pillow. I wish it was mine!

  4. Love it! I got thru 3 pregnancies with a water bed ( not the sloshy kind). Congratulations and wishing you smooth sailing for another 20 weeks!

  5. Hokey--no way! It is all about comfort. If the boys need their own the Dollar store sells those neck cushions for little people-HaHa! Congratulations and may the duration be comfortable! Such a ...... cute pillow.