Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Block Happy!

Every month I've been stitching away at my do.Good Stitches blocks and mailing them off (mostly on time!). But what I haven't been doing is posting them--either here, just for fun, or on the Believe Circle's Flickr page. Oops!

So here's a little catch up, minus one month where the completed blocks sat on my design wall for a week (because apparently walking to the mailbox at the end of the driveway is a monumental task), and I finally mailed them off, assuming I had photographed them earlier. Oops again.

September blocks:

October blocks:

November blocks (with charm squares provided by the quilter):

December blocks:

January blocks:
(These were a bit of a doozy because you had to make mirror images--required lots of "place fabric twice, sew once" from me so I didn't screw up!)

March blocks:

You can see some of the finished quilts from this group here.

What I love about being part of do.Good Stitches:
--Being a part of making one charity quilt each month (without having to do it all myself)
--Seeing the quilter's vision come to fruition, from their initial block request to the finished quilt
--Most of the time the blocks take an hour or two to make--minimal time commitment
--The opportunity to try out different block designs and different color combinations than I'd normally pick, again with minimal commitment--since I'm only making 2 blocks, if it's something I don't like, no biggie--it's just 2 blocks!

Find out more about do.Good Stitches here.

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