Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday Ombre Dot Chevron Update

At the end of last week, I was in full-on shower prep mode, getting ready for my sister-in-law's baby shower (so fun!), and then switched back to sewing mode yesterday.

I completed all of the HSTs I needed for the Ombre Chevron Sew Along that I blogged about last week. Hooray! That is definitely mindless sewing.

I'll be honest, as I was finishing them up yesterday and started laying them out, I really didn't think the chevron look was going to work with the dots. I put it away and went to bed, figuring I'd try again in the morning.

Fresh day, fresh perspective.
I just needed to be a bit more deliberate in my placement. 

Even so, I tried a couple other lay out options as well.
The angled shade:

 The pinwheel:

I still think I like the chevron best, but I do like the angled shade as well. What do you think?
Next up: Choosing a lay out, assembling the top, and getting ready to quilt it!
You can find out more about the Sew Along, hosted over at Sew Fine Fabric, here.

And I can't resist leaving you with a few photos from the baby shower.

I made the cupcakes--these were the third batch. I just wasn't happy with the flavor/texture of the first two. I'm a bit neurotic, I know. These, and the buttercream frosting (made with 4 sticks of butter!!), were delicious!

Washcloth puppy dogs, inspired by Pinterest, were table decorations

Chocolate-covered oreos decorated as puppy dogs (are you seeing a theme here?) as favors.

Blue punch! Yum!

Probably stating the obvious here, but she's having a boy and the shower's theme was puppy dogs! 
We are so excited to welcome this little one into the family! And yes, there is a quilt in this baby's future. He's due to arrive at the end of April. I'm still hunting for the perfect fabric. I need to find it soon!


  1. I like both the chevron and angled shade. So cute colours. Great!

  2. Love your quilt and how those fabric blend so nicely. Cute items for the shower. Thanks for sharing!

  3. HSTs can be such a pain, eh? I like both the chevrons and angled shade. Couldn't say which one I like more, really. I'm glad that my HST layout woes have dissolved over the weekend. Both will be pretty, though. Told you last week. :)

  4. Very pretty. I actually like the chevrons best. That dark green in the top right of the angled shade is throwing me off a bit I think. I love all the dots! I can't believe with my love of dots I haven't made an all dot quilt. I'll have to add it to the list!

  5. Have to be honest and say with your first post I was not seeing how this was going to turn out, but it did, and I love the chevrons! I, too, was thrown by that dark triangle up in the corner after all the whites in the angled one. Think I need to do a chevron pattern with my fifty shades of grey fabric!!!

  6. I love the angled shade. BEautiful and I have some of this fabric to... ideas ideas..
    BTW I make cakes and cookies for a side job, my buttercream uses 6 sticks of REAL butter.. Oh yummy

  7. I love the fabrics you're using. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the chevron look! I like it with all the dots :-) The shower must have been a huge success :-)

  8. I like the chevron arrangement the best. Great job!

  9. Chevrons get my vote.

  10. I like the chevron the best followed by the pin wheel. But go with what you prefer. Most times your first choice is your best.

  11. Most definitely the Chevrons! They are so wonderful! Cute wash cloth puppies.

  12. I do like the chevrons the best. Looks like the babyshower was lots of fun!

  13. I like the chevrons a lot, but I think the angled shade just clinches it as my favourite.

  14. Love the dots and the color. I think the chevrons look great, but I also like the pinwheels.

  15. I love the chevron! The dots make it very unique, too!

  16. At first I really liked the chevron but the pinwheel is growing on me. I love the fabric you chose. Thanks for sharing.