Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Goal: Wedding Gift Quilt Top

My tendency to procrastinate is being nicely kept in check by A Lovely Year of Finishes. It's March, month #3, and time to stitch a wedding gift. One of our best friends was married back in September. I bought the main fabric in August and had (tiny) visions of piece the quilt top before the wedding. Well, it's now March and the fabric is still in the Priority Mail envelope it arrived in. But by March 31, it will be a quilt top! 

I discovered this quilting blog last summer, ironic because I used to live about a mile or from this lady and didn't find her blog until I moved 3 states away. I bookmarked her blog for, among other things, this Urban Lattice quilt. 

The quilt-along is long over, but that's okay! I browsed through the Flickr group of Urban Lattice quilt and fell in love. Check it out yourself here. I like each one better than the last! I love the modern feel of this quilt and think my friends will too. 

Here's where I am starting the month: I have the main fabric--Kona Mushroom--and then a solid black for the sashing. I'm trying to pick through my stash for the smaller corner triangles and feeling a little stuck. It's been 6 month or so since I've seen their house, and not sure which direction to go, color-wise. I need to keep reminding myself that neither of them are quilters, so their reaction is going to be "ooh, wow a quilt!" and not, "ugh, why did she use that fabric?"
Hoping to get started on this quilt over the weekend!

What is the longest that fabric bought for a specific project has sat before you started using it? (The fabric I have for this quilt is NOT the winner in my sewing room--I have several other neglected fabrics that have been sitting around much longer!)


  1. Almost 10 years! And, it is for a quilt for myself. Go figure right?

  2. Good luck with the quilt. It goes together pretty quickly. I have fabric for a quilt for my youngest that has been sitting around for about 3 years. It will be complete some time this year hopefully.

  3. Can't wait to see it! I think I have fabric and projects down stairs that go about 7 years now. For sure I have lots I bought in Idaho that I haven't used yet, and I haven't lived there for 4 years.