Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday 42 blocks in 48 hours!

I could have had a flip book of quilt-in-progress photos to share as blocks kept going up on the design wall, and if I'd realized the direction these blocks were headed (as in 42 blocks made, start to finish, in 2 days), I would have done it. But instead you just get 3 photos, all with wildly different color because of varying lighting conditions (the third is most accurate). 

Here's my current WIP:

Tuesday afternoon, 3:30 pm

Tuesday evening, 11 pm

Wednesday afternoon, 2:30 pm
Blocks complete! 

Now I just need to finesse the layout and sew them together before Sunday, as this is my March Lovely Year of Finishes project. Under the wire, as usual. But bring it on, March 31...I'm going to finish in time!

What is it, you ask? 
(Besides a really cool pattern--Urban Lattice--which can be found for free here)
It's a couch snuggling wedding gift for some of our closest friends. The palette was a challenge--going partly on a hunch and then asking the male half of the couple--I knew that they are more into a warm color scheme, whereas I'm a blue/green girl. I bought a few quarter yards of reds, browns and blacks to supplement my stash and really like the look despite those pieced squares not being "my" colors.

How did these blocks come together so quickly? Three reasons.
1. A deadline is a real motivator.
2. Big blocks with only 4 seams each.
3. And the real reason: my Mom has been in town visiting and served as "sous chef" as she often does. Meaning my butt didn't leave my sewing chair. She cut and pressed and handed me blocks-in-progress  while I just pressed the pedal to the metal, stitching my little heart out.

Thanks Mom! Next time we'll do a quilt for you instead of me! 


  1. My pleasure. Grandson time during the day plus sewing time at night makes for a perfect day into evening! Now if I only had endless energy or less of a need for sleep!!

  2. Love this quilt. I didn't realize it was paper pieced! I'm always looking for new pp ideas. Thanks for the link. I love your fabric colors. Makes a really great modern quilt.

  3. Gorgeous quilt and how cool to have your mom help during her visit. My mom is looking to some serious mom/daughter quilting time when she visits soon too!

  4. I love how some of those center triangles just sort of light up. Really cool. Glad you are getting the satisfaction of getting some things done!

  5. It's looking really good! I am so impressed with how quickly you got all those blocks made. Hope the quilting goes smoothly for you.

  6. Gorgeous! Well done!

  7. They're looking great! Under better lighting they will look even better. Deadlines are great for productivity aren't they.