Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Colorku Block

 Everyone has heard of Sudoku, but are you familiar with Colorku? My sister-in-law introduced this game to our family six years ago, and I'm completely and totally hooked on it. Find the game here

What is it? It's Sudoku in colors. Perfect for quilters, right? Exactly. 

I've long thought it would be fun to create a Colorku quilt, and when the December theme for Quilt Block Mania was toys, I knew it was time to put my idea into action. 

Yes, you can make this block with simple appliqued circles on a beige-colored wooden background. I gave it my own twist.

First, I used a variety of grays for background squares to create a more modern, dynamic look. 

Second, I used a reverse applique technique to create the circles. If you're intrigued by this technique, be sure to check out my Strippy Improv Holiday pattern, which uses the same method to create festive holiday-themed blocks. (psst! There's a Halloween version too!)

Strippy Improv Holiday blocks

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  1. The Colorku Block. I thought this block would be free as part of quilt block mania. While you have lovely and fun patterns, I am fairly focused at the moment.

  2. Hi, my computer crashed and I lost the Colorku pattern. Can you please send to rd3hutch@bigpond.com
    thank you debra

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