Thursday, December 9, 2021

Strippy Improv Holiday Sew Along Part 6

It's assembly time for the Strippy Improv Holiday pattern! If you've been keeping up, you should have four blocks done. If you haven't been keeping up, no worries! You still have time.

 If you're just joining in, this is a very loose sew along--see the schedule at the bottom of this post--I'm making four different blocks and then talking about assembly. 

Totally do-able before Christmas!

Need the pattern? Find it here.

Let's look at the quilt assembly:

(Wait? What about the ornament block? It didn't get a day in the sew along! That's true...I just scheduled four days because you only need to make four blocks for the runner or wall hanging. But I've filled today's post with ornament blocks for inspiration. The ornament block has so much potential--different colors, different can really have fun with it!)

The pattern offers two assembly options--a square wall hanging, which is also perfect size for a door, and a table runner. I've made one of each so far, and have two more to make - hopefully before Christmas! 

For either lay out, you're going to be adding contrasting strips to frame the block. I originally added these to create some definition between my black background blocks and my black sashing and border fabric, but I really love how these skinny strips make the blocks pop with any fabric combination. 

Such a difference, right?! I highly recommend choosing a fabric that contrasts strongly with your block background and sashing/border.

I used these brightly colored ornament blocks to make a table runner:

And then these red and green ornament blocks to make a square wall hanging.

Here's a tip for the wall hanging assembly:
You want the vertical sashing pieces between each pair of blocks to align visually, even across the horizontal sashing piece. To make that happen, take a peek at how the sashing lines up when you're pinning by folding back one of your block rows. When the strips align, pin the raw edges so the strips stay aligned as you stitch. 

Voila! All lined up.

Everyone is curious about the stitching to secure the backgrounds to the block designs. 
I have mostly used a straight stitch and thread that matches the background so it's as invisible as possible. I know I may have some fraying, but since these are decorative items rather than a lap or bed quilt, I'm not too fussed. 

You can also use a zig zag stitch, blanket stitch, or other decorative stitch.

Next week I'll be showing some alternate options--ideas for using just a block or two. Perfect for if you start to run out of time for your holiday sewing! :) 

These blocks stitch up so quickly - you still have time to make something before the holidays! The pattern comes with templates for five different blocks (ornament, snowman, tree, star and candy cane), as well as two layout options--a four-patch style wall hanging and a table runner.

Purchase the pattern here.

See you back here next Tuesday for alternate options - mug rugs, mini quilts, and hot pads!

Strippy Improv Holiday Sew Along Schedule:
Thursday, November 18th - Intro and Fabric Selection

Tuesday, November 23rd - Make a block

Tuesday, November 30th - Make a block

Thursday, December 2nd - Make a block

Tuesday, December 7th - Make a block

Thursday, December 9th - Assembly

Tuesday, December 14th - Alternate options

Thursday, December 16th - Finishing


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