Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wonk Around the Block - Month 2!

It's July and time for Month 2 of the Wonk Around the Block quilt! 

To recap, Wonk Around the Block is my new Block of the Month quilt pattern combining traditional and wonky piecing. You can purchase the pattern on my Etsy shop and receive one section per month for 6 months. I hope you'll come sew with me! 

Month 2 is the breather month, which is good, because even in these strange pandemic times, July always seems like a busy month. We're making a row/column of three-color flying geese units and adding them to the quilt center. Plus one solid border row, and you're done! 

I've also introduced video demos for each month - I'm super excited about this! 
Months 1 and 2 are now available. In the videos, I'll walk you through each step of the process--almost like a class! I also include additional tips and tricks for putting the quilt together. If you're new to wonky piecing, these video demos will augment the detailed diagrams in the pattern to help you master this technique. 

The group of six videos (I'll be adding one each month) can be purchased in my Etsy shop for $10. You'll receive a link with access to the current videos, and that same link will work for future videos. Click here to purchase.

Here's a photo taken during filming!

 When you purchase the pattern, you'll receive the Introduction pages, which include yardage for the entire quilt, a page of tips, and a black-and-white line drawing so you can choose your own color placement. You'll also receive Month 1, which is the center wonky star and a few borders. Each month afterwards will include the specific yardage, cutting, and piecing instructions for the sections being added. We'll assemble as we go, so by the end of Month 6, your quilt will be complete!

Purchase the pattern here

Here's a quick look at the fabric requirements. These are generous to ensure that you have plenty of options for switching up colors as you piece. 

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