Friday, July 31, 2020

Sew a Softie!

A while back, I heard about the Sew a Softie Kid Ambassador program (thank you, Trixi!) and signed up my middle son, Jojo. While all three of my boys like to sew, he's the one with the most interest (and the most patience). Basically, the program encourages kids to teach another kid (or kids) how to sew during the month of July, starting with something easy, like a small stuffed object. You can find out more here (including tons of tutorials!).

Well, July flew by, and suddenly it was July 30th and time to get rolling before August started. After much debate on what types of softies to make with our neighborhood friends, we I narrowed it down to a simple monster shape, with pre-sewed arms and legs. The kids had a great time! 

We started with trapezoid body pieces, little arms and legs that I sewed and my boys turned right side out, and white and black fabric with fusible web for eyeballs. 

Our sewing group (minus TJ, my 11-year-old, who had zoomed ahead and was already sewing!). Two seven year olds and two five year olds. Translated: lots of mom help! :) 
We decided to hold our sewing camp outside because - coronavirus.

Jojo walked them through the process of assembling a monster.

Pinning on the arms and legs.

Stuffing the monsters!

Adding eyeballs. As the morning went on, the kids got more creative: Smiles, teeth, yarn hair, swords (of course!), and berets for their monsters.

The moms helped a bit the newbies a bit with the actual sewing.

Jojo sharing some sewing tips.

And the finished monsters!

All the kids with their creatures. Don't mind the crazy amount of weeds in my garden.

Monsters in the hosta! A sure sign of success? Every kid asked to make a second monster after we took these photos. Round 2 was just as fun. 


  1. Wow!!!!What an amazing party. Thank you Jojo and mum!!!!!

  2. Cutest monster ever !!!! would be adorable on a kiddo's Christmas tree. Love all the pics of the kids.