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Star Crossing QAL: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Star Crossing QAL!
I'm so glad you're here! There's still time to enjoy a friend to join in the fun, especially if you have more time at home these days. Speaking of which, scroll down to the bottom to learn about a special "stay at home" hop I'm part of, starting Saturday.

If you still need to purchase the pattern, you can find it here

It's week 2 and time to start cutting!
The cutting instructions are pretty straightforward, but I'm going to focus on two specific areas today: template cutting and directional fabric cutting.

First, template cutting: 

I created the video below to show you how to create the template. If you don't have clear plastic template (I always seem to be out of it!), don't worry--especially when you're only cutting 4 triangles, paper works just fine.

In the rainbow version of my Star Crossing quilt, I used a repeating stripe. If your stripe repeats, you have some decisions to make before cutting--mainly, do you want all four triangles to be identical, or do you want them to be different.

If I wanted my triangles to all to be the same (spoiler alert, I didn't), make sure you position the bottom edge of the triangle template in the same spot on the stripe for each triangle. So for me, it would be along the bottom edge of the purple stripe.

Here's what my center square looks like with two pairs of matching triangles, set opposite each other:

Here are the same triangles laid out with matching triangles touching - a neat effect.

I chose the first option:

After you've joined your four triangles, you'll need to trim the center square to measure 12-1/2" square. Make sure you align the 45 degree lines on your square ruler with the seams so that your square is centered.

One more tip for this: Find the 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" center point on your ruler. Position that on the point where the seams meet. This is your center. 

Now that you've decided how to cut your stripe, here's a video where I talk more about cutting triangles.

Second, directional fabric:

If your background fabric is directional, keep reading. (If it's not, start cutting!)
You'll need to decide if you want your directional background fabric to all be oriented the same way. If it's a subtle directional print, you may not care if everything is pointing the same way. If you're using, say, a low-volume stripe, and you do care, you'll need to cut slightly differently for the 6-1/2" x 12-1/2" pieces, 3-1/2" x 12-1/2" pieces, 3-1/2" x 18-1/2" pieces and the 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" pieces. Basically, two of each of those pieces will need to be cut lengthwise instead of widthwise. Then when you're assembling, you'll use the lengthwise pieces on opposite sides and the widthwise pieces on opposite sides. Leave me a comment if you're running into this issue and have questions. 

If you look closely at the background of this Star Crossing quilt, you can see I used a text print (it looks like a newspaper) but didn't worry about orientation. Unless your print is super directionally obvious, it's easier not to worry about it. :)

Happy cutting this week! Next week, we'll get started on star assembly.

Finished your cutting? Have a question 
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Quilt Along schedule:
March 12: Fabric selection
March 18: Cutting
March 25: Small and medium stars
April 2: Center star and assembly (I can't promise there won't be some April Fool's jokes...)
April 9: Machine quilting
April 22: Binding

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Over the Rainbow fabrics
If you'd like to use the same fabrics, here are some shops carrying them (please contact me if you know of any others and I'll add them in!):

Stay at Home and Hop With Us!

No doubt like me, all of your upcoming quilty events have been postponed or  cancelled and you find yourself now stitchin’ up a storm at home!  Why not take a break and join me on a virtual pattern designer shop hop?

Come join the fun and virtually hop on over to some of my favorite friends in the quilting industry!!

Starting on Saturday, March 21st, I’ll invite you to explore the newest offerings, patterns and notions from my fellow colleagues.  You’ll meet new pattern designers, explore new quilting websites, and perhaps make a purchase or two along the way. All of them have something unique to offer to you – our virtual shop hoppers !

With new and exciting sites to explore throughout the week, you’ll be happy you took and break and virtually hopped and shopped with all of our new friends!

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