Friday, March 20, 2020

Flashback friday: Our bed quilt

Today's IG QuiltFest prompt is On the Bed, which is prompting me to show off our bed quilt. 

However, the light in our bedroom is not great, so these photos are also not great. :) 

Our bed quilt is double-sided. I knew I wanted custom machine quilting which would be expensive, so I chose to piece both sides, which gives me two different looks and discourages me from making another queen-size bed quilt anytime soon! 

This is the original side. I went Kaffe-crazy at my first Quilt Festival in 2005. I started sewing this top in 2007, and then we moved, had a baby, etc., and it sat for a while. I finished piecing it in 2011. 

And then it sat again (another baby, job change...). In 2015, I came up with a plan for the opposite side, still incorporating Kaffe fabrics, but also having a cleaner, more modern look. 

 My friend Sharon Brule machine quilted it. I gave her loose instructions--no feathers (I'm not a fan!) and to try to quilt within the squares and rectangles on the patchwork side. I love how it turned out! 

Every time I need to replace the sheets on our bed, I struggle with choosing a color. I have to share these, because I found them at Target this winter, and I love them! 

Here's a little Flashback Friday to when i was hand sewing the binding on this quilt. It was June 2015 and I had a helper. :) That helper is now 5-1/2 and learning to read. Time flies. 

Here's a more vibrant photo that shows both sides of the quilt. I love snuggling under this in the bed every night! 

psst...if the pillowcases and binding look familiar, it's the red/purple version of the green stripe I'm using in my scrappy Star Crossing QAL. It's not too late to join! Find the details here.

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  1. Beautiful quilt!! I love quilts with fancy backs, especially if there is a solid fabric back there to show the awesome quilting!