Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To green, or not to green?

It never fails...when I have something I *should* be sewing (i.e. deadline-related), a different project cries out for attention and piques my interest. In this case, it's a baby quilt that I'm making for the friends who received the Urban Lattice quilt I recently finished. The baby boy was born in August (I gave them the wedding quilt a year late; trying to be a little more timely with the baby quilt).

And if you're wondering why a quilt for a baby born in August isn't at the top of my to-do list...well, this is the SECOND baby born in August who will be receiving a quilt. I'm just a little stuck on the first quilt idea. And I'm finishing a Halloween tutorial. And my do.Good Stitches blocks for October. 


I had these fabrics from a Blue Underground 1/4 yard roll I'd bought a few years ago and hadn't used yet. Love them! 

And a vague idea to do a wonky cross block like this and like this, but with a skinnier cross. 

I started out swimmingly by sewing the wrong side of my initial piece to the center strip:
 (I think it's only fitting that my photo of my mistake is blurry...don't you?)

Then I got back on track and finished my first block:

I've got 5 done. I love how fast these go, and how carefree they are! 

Now here's my question. Do I just stick with the mocha and denim fabrics, or do I throw a little green in there for variety? I keep going back and forth. I love just the mocha and denim alone, but then I think maybe the green would add a little pop. I'd love to hear your opinion!

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  1. Being a fan of green, I think a little green added in would look great.

  2. I like the green but I'm really into blue and brown right now so I would keep the green out. It's still pretty though, so I think it's just what you prefer.

  3. Just a splash of green would be cool. I like the green that is top row third from the right. IMHO...;)

  4. Checking on my quilts.....there seems to be a theme to my quilting. A rule if you will. ALWAYS PUT IN GREEN! So there you have it.......A little green, please.

  5. No I like the denim and brown... And it would be easier to decorate the room with it, becasue they could decide what acent colours the room would have.
    E xx

  6. I think both combinations are pretty but for me the green adds oomph!
    nice choice of block!