Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April's Goal: Complete!

My April Lovely Year of Finishes Goal was to finish piecing the quilt top for my newest nephew (who was born since my last post about his quilt!). It looks like I'll get to meet him in about a month, and I can't wait! Not sure the quilt will be quilted by then...we'll see!

 It was a bit breezy while I was photographing it:

And then breezy turned to gusty:

But in between gusts, I caught this relatively flat shot:

I will happily admit that I love how this turned out! 
The original pattern from Kim Schaefer's Cozy Modern Quilts included an outer border slightly wider than the sashing, but I think I'm going to leave it off.  I'm not usually a fan of square quilts, but I think that for a baby/toddler quilt, it's just fine--I usually prefer rectangle quilts so that both my feet and my chest/shoulders can be covered, but that shouldn't be an issue for a little guy for a while!

And since you really can't see the sashing print in the full quilt pictures, I took a few close-ups.
It's not from the same line as the majority of the fabrics, which are Marcia Derse, but I think it works. And no, it's not barbed wire. :) More of a loopy scribble. It's from Michele D'Amore's Urbanicity collection for Benartex. It is directional, so I cut the sashing strips with that in mind. And I only sewed one strip on upside down!
I admit my ulterior motive at these close-up photos--the quilt colors looked great on a 13-year-old piece of Ikea furniture that I repainted this weekend. Goodbye, dull, pale gray; hello, beautiful teal! 

Now to decide on my May goal!
p.s. Linking up with A Year of Lovely Finishes and Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.


  1. Love your new teal paint! And the quilt turned out just great. That's wonderful that you get to meet your nephew soon!

  2. Lovely finish for sure! Perfect pattern for that fabric.

  3. Love your quilt. I really like Kim's patterns. I'll have to get that book.

  4. Quilt looks great. I'm sure it will be well loved.