Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tutorial: Tic Tac Toe

I've had a bit of rick rack envy. I've seen other people using it and hadn't yet found a way I loved to incorporate it into one of my projects. Then this tic tac toe board concept popped into my head. Bingo!
While I made this project with Valentine's Day in mind (you know, XOXO = hugs and kisses), in reality, you could use it all year round.
I also added a pocket on the back to store the game pieces (in a house with two young kids, storage is constantly top of mind!)

You'll Need:
1/2 yard of a gray print
1 fat quarter each of 2 bright prints
1/4 yard (or fat quarter) of a bright print for binding
1/4 yard heavyweight sew-in stabilizer
14" square of batting
1 spool of fuchsia large rick rack
Fabric marking pen
Coordinating and contrasting thread

Making the Game Board:
1. From the gray print cut one 13" square, one 12-1/2" square, and one 12-1/2" x 16" piece.

2. Layer the 13" square right side up on the batting square.  Pin to secure for quilting and then use a ruler and fabric marking pen to draw a straight line across the square, near the center.

3. Use this marked line as a guide for your first line of straight line quilting. I sewed with my walking foot and then lined the walking foot edge up to the stitched line to space the next line. Here's the finished result:

4. Trim the quilted fabric to measure 12-1/2" square. Measure in 4-1/4" from one edge and draw a line with a fabric marking pen for placing the rick rack. Measure in 4-1/4" from the opposite edge and draw another line. Turn the square 90 degrees and repeat. Cut two 13" lengths of rick rack and pin in place on marked lines. Stitch down the middle of each to secure.

5. Cut, position and sew two more pieces of rick rack. Now your game board top is complete.

6. Fold the 12-1/2" x 15" gray piece in half so it measures 12-1/2" x 7-1/2". Lay it on the 12-1/2" gray square (with square facing right side up), matching raw edges. This will be the backing and the pocket to hold the Xs and Os. Use a ruler to find the middle of pocket (6-1/4" from edge) and mark a line down the pocket. Stitch on this line through all layers to divide the pocket in half.

7. Layer this pocket/backing with the pocket side down and then add the quilted top, rick rack side up, to complete your quilt sandwich. Pin all edges to secure, making sure pocket fabric lays flat. (You could also sew a basting stitch to secure the pocket to the backing before making the sandwich, but I liked the idea of killing two birds with one stone and simply catching these well-pinned edges in while I added the binding.)

8. Make 60" of binding from your binding fabric. Position it on the top of the quilt sandwich and stitch in place like you would any binding. Trim excess rick rack if needed. Hand sew (or stitch by machine...your choice) the binding to the back side. Your game board is done!

Making the Xs and Os:
1. Click here to download the pdf with the X and O template pieces. Cut out each template piece. 

2. From each of the bright prints, cut two 4" x 15" pieces. From the heavyweight stabilizer, cut two 3-3/4" x 14-1/2" pieces. 

3. Sandwich a stabilizer piece between two matching bright pieces and spray baste the fabrics to the stabilizer. (Fabric should be right sides out.)

4. Trace the X shape onto the fused sandwich five times. Cut out each shape carefully.

6. Set your machine's zigzag stitch to a shorter, very dense stitch size. I chose to use a contrasting thread color just for fun. Zigzag stitch around the entire outer edge of the X. Repeat with all five X shapes. 

7. Repeat steps 3-5 to make the five O shapes. 

To cut the center out of the O shape, gently fold the circle in half and cut a slit.

Insert the scissors in the slit and cut on the drawn line.

You're done! Store the X and O pieces in the two pockets on the game board back when not in use.

Wishing you a Valentine's Day filled with Xs and Os! (hugs and kisses!)


  1. This is sew cute! Thanks for the detailed tutorial ... :) Pat

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