Saturday, February 16, 2013

Triple Zip!

I've been admiring the Triple Zipper pouches from A Quilter's Table tutorial that have popped up on various blogs in the last few weeks and really wanting to join in. I just wasn't sure it was going to happen, time-wise. The contest portion of the Zipalong ended at midnight Friday. Not that I really *need* any of the prizes, but if you're going to join a sew-along, you might as well throw your name in the hat, right?!

I bought zippers on Monday. At 9:30 Friday night, I pulled out my zippers and fabric and got started. Less than two hours later, I'm happy to say I was done!

I was having serious fabric envy looking at everyone else's, and just couldn't decide on what to use. I ultimately decided to make the pouch for my older son, who turns 4 next weekend. He loves tools (hence the fabric choices) and he really loves stashing "treasures." Well, now he'll have another treasure pouch. I think he'll be thrilled! The other benefit of making one for him first is that I got to practice on it. I will likely make another (or another few!) and I think each one will only improve. Plus, I'd like to make it larger, and have more of the top two fabrics showing.

Here you can sort of see my three different lining fabrics.

Blue for the largest pocket

Lime for the middle pocket

Red for the smallest pocket

I love having 3 different color zippers! 
Does anyone else do "too good" of a job sewing their zippers on? I ran into that a bit on this project and have a slightly difficult job closing the zippers because the lining fabric is stitched too close.

Even though the contest is over, if you haven't tried this tutorial yet, you should! There's also an alternate finishing technique here, which is helpful.
And make sure to check out all the beautiful versions over on Flickr.


  1. I love your pouch and can't believe you got it looking so nice in 2 hours! It took me the better part of the day and it still didn't look right. Your corners are great! Cute fabrics.

  2. Great job on your pouch. Your colored zippers look awesome with teh fabrics

  3. Very cute my grandson's would love one of those. Lately their favorite treasure keeper are the bins that Tide PODS come in. When they are empty they make great treasure boxes.

  4. Great job getting this whipped out in just a couple hours, I'm impressed. It takes me that long to figure out how to attach my zipper foot :)

  5. Love the little 'treasure' pouch - very fun!

  6. Super cute fabrics and the 3 color zippers are perfect.

  7. It turned out great. I bet your son loved it. Yes, I have sewn zippers "too well" before! Argh!