Monday, November 26, 2012

Winner! and Superstorm Sandy block update

Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments on my Holiday Lane Blog Hop post. The blog hop continues through November 30; click here to see each day's schedule so you can check out more pillows.

The random number generator chose the following:
which is Judy!'ve won the Flurry charm square pack. 
Judy, I've emailed you for your mailing address.

Since posts without photos can be a bit boring, I'm combining a Superstorm Sandy block update here as well. THANK YOU! to everyone who has sent me blocks:
Betty (my 3rd grade teacher!)

I was so eager to open the envelopes that I was not good about noting who sent which blocks, so this is a generic thank you. All of the blocks I've received have been lovely. I spent a little time this morning playing with layouts and getting a feel for what all I have. Here are some photos. 

String blocks
I love string blocks because you can use almost any fabrics, regardless of whether they match, and the result turns out great!

Homespun blocks
If you read my Holiday Lane post, you know I'm a fan of homespun plaids and such. I love how these look! This will be such a cozy quilt.

...and isn't it interesting how much layout makes a difference? I tried putting the Courthouse steps block in the center. The layout above works so much better, don't you think?

Nine-Patch blocks (16 more on their way as we speak)
These are not laid out either; I'm waiting for the others to arrive and then will mix them up. These will make a great scrappy quilt, similar to the one my sister had on her bed growing up. Good memories!

Random blocks.
These haven't been laid out yet; I just put them up on the design wall to take a photo so I could start thinking about what to do with them. Great, aren't they?

**If you are still planning to send me blocks, can you please email me or leave a comment below so I know something else is coming? I'm hoping to start assembling quilt tops soon.** 

p.s. Linking up with Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday today!


  1. If you need more blocks, please let me know and I can whip up some more.

  2. I am still trying. I know I won't be able to even start anything until Sunday. Let me know if you still want one and what you want, okay? :-)