Thursday, November 8, 2012

All You Need is LOVE

When I read about the Tula Pink Sew Along over at Sew Sweetness, I knew I wanted to play too. Since I really don't *need* to buy any more fabric, I decided to use a Tula pattern and my own scraps. I loved her LOVE pattern:

Now is a good time to admit that the first time I saw this pattern, I thought what you see below (the pattern cover) was the entire quilt. Though I later realized it was just a close-up, I do want to make the quilt below, just enlarged. I think it would be very cool.

Clearly part of what makes Tula's quilt so fantastic is the quilting in the background. My quilting is not quite up to that level yet (ha!), so I decided to add background interest by piecing. Here's my finished top:

I pulled out my fuchsia, lime, turquoise and orange scraps and began randomly piecing. To avoid having super long strips in the patchwork, I made six relatively similar-size blocks in each color--four for the background "square" and two for the rectangle next to each letter. Then I trimmed and joined to make the larger section.

When it came to adding the letters, I knew I wanted to use a black fabric so they'd pop against the relatively busy background. I auditioned a few different options, as I had it stuck in my head that it might look neat to have a letter color backgrounds that were opposite that quadrant's background (the words might not make sense, but look at the next couple pictures and you'll know what I mean).
First, I tried pink on pink.

Then I rearranged, and tried the pink L with the orange background, thinking I'd switch the colors kitty corner.
 I didn't like it.

Then I tried switching the colors across the way, so that each letter background was on the complementary background.
 I really wanted to like this, but I didn't. 

Ultimately I went back to my first attempt. It looks more seamless this way, don't you think?

Here's a close-up of the center section:

Now that I've entered this in the Sew Along, I'm going to do what I mentioned in my previous post about quilts for those displaced by Hurricane Sandy: add a black inner border and additional pieced blocks to make it bigger, quilt it, and send it to the East Coast.
Also, I'm linking up to share with Confessions of a Fabric Addict's Friday Can I get a whoop whoop?!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love what you've done! It's gorgeous!

  2. Your quilt is really beautiful. I love the colors and what a great way to use up scraps! This quilt will mean to much to the person who receives it... what a great way to show that you're sending love and prayers their way.

  3. It is very beautiful. I love what you did. I don't think I have enough scraps in one color way to pull it off! haha!

  4. Great job. I love all the scrappyness of your quilt better. Yes the letters on the same colour was the way to go.

  5. Beautiful job. Your final choice is Just Right!

  6. Very very cool, Ellie!! I really need to give this pattern a try!! Love your background fabrics. Whoop whoop!!